Secure, accurate and professional transcription

We support a wide range of different audio and video transcription services, including Text to Speech, Verbatim and Detailed transcription models, making it easy to select the right service to convert your audio or video files into readable text.

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What we do

Serving the public sector

Over 40 years of service to the public sector has made us the perfect language partner for local and national governments.


Affordable and accurate transcription services for compliance

Quality & Accuracy

Guaranteed up to 99% accuracy for any file type

Speech to text

Instant speech to text services for affordability and speed


Secure, encrypted 256-bit Audio editing platform

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Encrypted audio

Our patented Audio Editor is a giant leap forward for file security – restricting transcribers to a secure interface. It prevents third parties from saving, printing or taking screenshots of confidential documents, giving clients peace of mind that material is in safe hands. Moreover, an innovative auto-delete function means documents are permanently erased after transcription.

Secure two-factor authentication access for extra security. Configure access and define roles for your organisation and self-manage contacts through system admin roles.

Speech to text

For instant support, we provide automated speech to text services, an instant service that carries the lowest price tag. Get a completely automated transcript of audio files returned in seconds via our WordSynk platform.

Instant Results

Artificial Intelligence provides a speedy turnaround

Affordable Service

Cheap, cost-effective solution for tight budgets

Quality Assurance

Innovative quality solutions for transcription

Over 40 years of service to the public sector has made us the perfect language partner for local and national governments.

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For all public sector assignments our contractors are registered linguists holding a certification of their language skills and where transcribing into another language, the target language is always their mother tongue.

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We work with our clients and employ a dedicated continuous improvement team to establish best working practices and maximise quality. We can create bespoke training courses designed to train our contractors to understand your objectives and help you achieve them.

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Over 40 years of working in the language services industry we have seen, worked on and delivered projects from any and all file types. In cases of extreme security even receiving, transcribing and returning physical files for our clients, within a secure physical environment. 


Security for Government

Fast access to affordable and reliable language support services for government


Our WordSynk System is one of the most secure on the market. Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Systems, it is one of the most secure cloud-based solutions available, with 256-bit encryption.

Microsoft Azure

For clients who require additional layers of security for their own compliance we are able to offer local and remote data storage through Microsoft’s Azure server network. 

ISO Compliant

We hold the ISO27001 for Information Security, demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients. Including excellence in how we handle their data.


Many of our clients have made commitments to Green and Carbon Neutral pledges, a commitment we admire and have strived to help our clients attain. That is why thebigword is 100% carbon neutral, so our clients can be sure that we are doing our part as a supplier.  

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Please contact our Sales Team for any further information regarding our services and to discuss how they can benefit you. We monitor our enquiries inbox regularly and will respond to all requests as we are able to.

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